Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Holidays to All!

Hi, All!
     Before I get to the purpose of this posting, I'd like to mention a very special group I visited with recently.  The "Ulysses S. Grant Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans" asked me to come to their Winter meeting to talk about Ain't No Harm to Kill the DevilAin't No Harm takes place mostly in the year 1856 -- and the Civil War started in 1861 -- so the topic of the book was of great interest to this group.  The members of the Ulysses S. Grant Camp group dedicate a great portion of their lives to helping preserve American history and heritage.  They also perform an incredible array of "good deeds" every year, ranging from visiting with veterans groups to making hospital visits to helping with dedications to helping preserve important monuments and battlefields.  As a matter of fact, they seem to be constantly busy -- and help so many people.  I'm attaching a picture of a few of the members of this amazing group.  The uniforms are absolutely stunning.
     I'm also writing today to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.  The holiday season is a great time to sit back and reflect on past events and the possibilities of the upcoming year.  I'm grateful and thankful for so many things -- and wish all of you the very best of the holidays and a glorious New Year!
    Here's to a wonderful 2015 for all of us!

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