Tuesday, July 6, 2010

St. Louis Writers Guild

The *wonderful* folks at the St. Louis Writers Guild asked me to speak to the group this past April about writing narrative nonfiction stories. I had a great time with this group of incredibly talented writers. After the presentation, I was also asked to write a few words about the literary elements of narrative nonfiction, and these words were just published in their publication called "The Scribe." My article is called "The Art of Narrative Nonfiction" (on pages 1 and 6). For those who'd like to read the article, the article appears in the "Summer 2010" edition, so please get a copy of that. Also, here is the link to the St. Louis Writers Guild: stlwritersguild.org



Exciting News!

Exciting news! A mighty fine writer/producer from Hollywood has just secured rights to work on making Olivia's Story into a made-for-tv movie. We visited several times about this, and the made-for-tv movie format just seems to be a perfect fit for a story of this type. I'm so excited about this I can barely sit still! Right now, a "story-treatment" is being put together, and I've been asked to consult as this is being created. A story-treatment is, basically, like a "story board." That is, it is more or less a very detailed description of the different events and scenes that will be in the production. I am really looking forward to helping with this project. Hey -- when the made-for-tv movie is completed, that will also be the excuse I need to get a new, gigantic, flat-screen tv!
More later..................