Monday, November 17, 2014

Fun with book events!

Hi, All!
     Ain't No Harm to Kill the Devil has really taken off, and I've been having a wonderful time at book events and signings.  I was fortunate to be on a National Public Radio program a few weeks back with one of their best hosts, Don Marsh.  Don is always so impressively prepared, and he asks the best questions of any interviewer I've ever worked with on the air.  Basically, I love that man - he is the best!  He'll probably be  horrified, but I just have to tell a funny story about what happened at the end of the program about the new book.  We were wrapping up the program, and Don said, "Again, we've been talking about Jeffrey Copeland's new book, Ain't No Harm to Kill the Devil: The Life and Legend of John Fairfield, Abortionist for Hire."  The exact minute he used the word "Abortionist" instead of "Abolitionist," he knew he had made a slip -- and we both howled.  I can't recall exactly, but I "think" I said something like, "No, that is going to be my NEXT book!"  As soon as we were off the air, Don grinned, laughed, and then said, "Can't believe I just said that!"  Don *never* makes mistakes, so that made the situation just all that more funny to me -- and I laughed all the rest of the day.  Times like that are priceless.  I still chuckle to myself when I think of all those who tuned in late to the program and heard that other title.  What must they have thought!
     Last week I also did the "Live From Prairie Lights" program at Prairie Lights Books, in Iowa City, Iowa.  First of all, Prairie Lights is one of America's true treasures -- and is one of the best independent booksellers of all-time.  If you ever get to that area of the country, a special trip to the store would be a highlight of your journey.  So, last week I'm on the "Live From Prairie Lights" program (which is also streamed so that those along the Armed Services Radio Network can listen in) to talk for an hour about the new book, and before the program started I noticed a nicely dressed young man in the crowd who had a very large glass of wine in one hand, and a tray of cheeses and nuts in his other hand. I walked out into the crowd and asked him, "Where's my wine and cheese?"  He laughed, took a sip of his wine, smiled, and said, "You'll get yours if your talk is any good tonight!" What I didn't know was we were already on the air!  I wonder what people all over the world thought when they heard that! Ah, the joys of book events -- I love them!
     After another recent event, I got to go on stage with one of the greatest Bluegrass groups in the entire country -- The Po' Ramblin' Boys.  Rather than just playing the "old-stand-bys" of Bluegrass music (as so many groups do), they play many songs that don't get a lot of play these days -- and the crowds love it.  Oh, it's always nice to hear "Rocky Top" for the zillionth time, but how many groups make the time to play great old songs like "I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer."  Now THAT is a great song -- and The Po' Ramblin' Boys are a MUST if you ever get the chance to go see them perform.  They are THAT good!  I'll attach a picture of me with the boys.  I'm the one in the middle of the kickin'!
     I'm also going to attach one other picture.  Yes, when on the road, I tend to eat way more than I normally do.  I may not actually look right now as I do in the picture, but if I don't stop eating, I sure will in no time at all!
     One other note:  The "Finding Fairfield" e-book companion is also selling quite well, so the

"publishing experiment" of adding a separate book to tell how the main book came about is, so far, showing positive results.  I'd like to ask a favor:  If you've read the companion e-book (Finding Fairfield, which is available electronically only through all major booksellers), please jot me a note and let me know what you think of it.  I'd like to know if this is something I should continue doing for my future books.  At the same time, please also send me notes about your reaction to Ain't No Harm to Kill the Devil.  I'd love to hear from you!
     Well, since I've recently been surrounded by Bluegrass music, I'll sign off by saying this, "Take care, y'all!  And happy readin'!"

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