Saturday, May 10, 2014

Literary Tour Event

Hi, All!
     On Saturday, June 21, I will be helping with an event that should be a great deal of fun -- and I'd like those of you who will be in the area to consider joining in.  The main setting for my last book, Shell Games, was Muscatine, Iowa.  On June 21, I'll be one of the tour guides helping with the "literary tour" of Muscatine, as this relates to the events of Shell Games.  The directors of the Muscatine History and Industry Center (and museum), the hosts for the event, have secured a bus that will be used for the tour.  The directors and I will be taking the participants around the town to show *where* the events in the book took place.  At each stop, I'll be reading a short selection from the book that goes with that particular location, and the directors of the museum will be providing additional details about both the local history and the pearl button industry of the era described in the book.  To top all off, our last stop will be the town of Buffalo, Iowa, where one of the main characters of the book was murdered -- and examine all the information related to that (including newspaper accounts of that time period).  The price of the tour is $35. per person, and seating is limited.  As a matter of fact, I was told this last Friday that just a few seats remain, so if you are interested, I'd suggest you contact the Muscatine History and Industry Center to see if you can still get a seat on the bus.  This event should be a great deal of fun for all.  I'll also enjoy helping bring the history to life as we go around to each of the stops.
     I'll attach a picture of the museum to this note.
     I'll provide more information about this event as it draws closer.

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