Thursday, April 19, 2012

Media Interviews

April 19, 2012
Hi, all!
I've recently had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by quite a few members of the media. Shell Games is doing very well, and many folks are interested in hearing more about the story. Hot-Links are not allowed on a blog site, so I'll list a few of the links; then, all you'd need to do is "copy and paste" the addresses into your browser, and this should take you right to the interviews.
I've done several National Public Radio interviews - -and some state-wide talks as well. I even got to do one show that was streamed out over the Armed Forces Radio Network so that our men and women serving across the globe could hear a voice from back home; I was so, so proud to be part of that show.
And still more good news: Shell Games is still an on-line retailer Best Seller! After peaking at #5 on, it was still at #23 when I got up early this morning -- and it was up the ranks on several other indexes as well. So, I want to thank everyone for their interest in the story!
I'll now try to post a few of the links:
A. This first one is to an interview I did with the wonderful host of Iowa Public Radio, Charity Nebbe. The interview gives away, in my opinion, a little too much of the story, but Charity really did her homework before the interview -- and it shows. Here's the link to the interview:
NOTE: If that address does not take you to the site because of the way your computer works, you can go directly to the archive at Iowa Public Radio at the following address and simply scroll down to April 9, 2012, which will have an icon you can click on to listen to the interview. That main address is as follows:
B. I just posted on my Author Central Site a video of me talking about Shell Games. It is a silly video, but I did it in one take! Well, I'm not sure that is necessarily a good thing....... Still, I hope you enjoy it, especially the part where I keep pulling "clues" to a murder. The link is as follows:
C. My favorite radio personality of all-time is Don Marsh. To me, he is the Best-of-the Best when it comes to interviewing authors. Don is, in a word, ELEGANT in his approach to a piece of literature. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mr. Marsh for the "St. Louis on the Air" program, which was broadcast out over NPR. The link to that program is as follows:

I hope you enjoy the interviews and the video!

More soon......


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