Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shell Games release date!

December 1, 2011
Hi, all! I haven't written in a while because I've been finishing the last steps in the process of getting a manuscript ready for publication. At some point, I'll prepare a post about all the different stages in the process -- because many have asked me about this subject in the past. For now, however, I'll skip to the end and say this: My next book will be released March 15, 2012!!! I just finished sending to the publisher the "corrected proofs" of the manuscript, which is typically the last time an author sees the full manuscript before it is published. In plain-English, this means I'm finished with my work on the manuscript, and I have to admit this is the time of greatest joy and fun for me. It's finished! Done! Ready to go! Aaaahhhh -- it feels so good to have everything finally fall into place.
The title of the book is as follows: Shell Games: The Life and Times of Pearl McGill, Industrial Spy and Labor Activist. This is another piece of "literary nonfiction," which means all major events of the story are true - -and are told through the voices of the characters involved. As such, it will read like a novel -- only the story is true to the events described inside the covers. Here is the publisher's promotional blurb about the book:
"Set against a backdrop of murder, intrigue, and industrial labor conflict in the early twentieth century pearl button industry, Shell Games graphically portrays one of the most important battles in the fight for safe and humane working conditions. Filtered through the thoughts and emotions of Pearl McGill, a woman who stood heroically against the injustices destroying the lives of so many around her in the shops and factories, this conflict vividly comes to life and underscores many of the concerns contemporary workers still encounter."

I had a great time doing the research for this book. When I first found out about this remarkable woman, I discovered the story also had tie-ins with the Titanic, Helen Keller, labor fights, and some pretty brutal murders. In short, my attention was immediately grabbed. Then, the more I dug into the history behind the story, the more I saw this was a slice of American history never told before -- and one that *should* be told, especially given the fact that so much of what is taking place today in our world can be traced to what Pearl McGill and her circle of friends and co-workers accomplished. I chose to write this story as a work of literary nonfiction because I wanted everyone to see and understand "why" the characters did what they did. I wanted everyone to see the humanity behind the historic events. I wanted everyone to "feel" their thoughts and dreams and emotions that led to such amazing accomplishments, accomplishments that helped make our world so wonderful today for so many.

I'll attach to this note what the front of the cover will look like. I'll try to post later the back cover as well.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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  1. It sounds very interesting - I'm always intrigued by stories about laborers' strife (such as "Life in the Iron Mills"), so I can't wait to read a nonfiction account.