Friday, May 14, 2010

Researching new book!

Hello again!
I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been doing quite a few book events related to Olivia's Story, which was released in February. I've participated in events at bookstores, writers' guilds/groups, student groups (at the high school level and at a university), and even talked with a genealogy society that was interested in how to conduct historical research for stories. I've had a great time at all these events, and I will have many more related to Olivia's Story as the summer moves along. Olivia's Story has also rekindled interest in Inman's War, so I've also been asked to speak to more groups about that. Some groups have even asked me to come speak about both of these books! I also found out some wonderful news yesterday. A very talented Hollywood producer has decided Olivia's Story would be a fine story for a "made-for-tv" movie, and he is now in the process of agenting the project to the appropriate television networks that do original movies specifically for the tv format. I'd *love* to see Olivia's Story as a made-for-tv movie, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I should know more about this soon and will give updates as I can.
I'm also already under contract to write my next book, and I've also been on the road quite a lot to do the background research for this project. I typically take about a year to do the background research for a book, and then it takes me about six months to write it. A writer can not rest after a book is published -- he or she is always looking at the next project; that's just the life of a writer. It was back when I was doing research for Olivia's Story that I actually ran across information that spiked my interest for my next book. At this point I'm not supposed to say any specifics about what the next book will be about, but I can tell this much: It will be another historically true story told through the voices of the people who were involved in it. I can also say it will be the story of an important American who eventually ended up being murdered. I can also say I think I can now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, show that the person who was said to have done this murder really didn't do it! The story will have plenty of mystery, mayhem, and even an exciting tale of murder. The only other clue I'll provide now is that the picture of the statue posted with this entry has something important to do with the story. Sorry -- that's all the clues I can give now. I'll write more about my research for this book from time to time and will be adding more clues as I write along.
I hope all of you are enjoying Olivia's Story. If you get a chance, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me a note (either here at the site or in care of Paragon House) to let me know what you think of it.
Take care -- and read on!

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